Travel scams and how to avoid them

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Whether you’re a constant or an occasional traveler, hire an airport transfer service to be as relaxed as possible. If you have your mind set on a taxi or Uber, then get familiar with the two most common travel scams.

  • It is a common occurrence that taxi drivers at airports or train stations tell their passengers that the taxi meter isn’t working. If the driver doesn’t use the meter, you, the passenger, are responsible for the fee. You can avoid this taxi scam by asking the driver to turn the meter on. If he or she persists that the meter doesn’t work, try negotiating the rate, but the best option is to hire an airport transfer service so you don’t have to overpay.
  • While you are in the taxi, going towards the hotel of your choice, the driver will inform you that the hotel is overbooked or closed. He will then proceed by telling you he can take you to another property, which is far more expensive, and where he receives a kick back. Avoid this scam by contacting the hotel prior to arrival, confirming the reservation and requesting a pick up by the hotel with reliable airport transfer company.


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